Our licensed real estate experts will provide you with home settlement advice​

In addition to document processing agency, Maple Leaf Certification has benefited from the efforts of the Canadian branch. At present, our licensed housing consultants are also ready to provide extensions and one-stop services for our customers. In order to better save the precious time of our clients, our lawyers, translators, immigration and real estate licensed consultants have seamlessly linked the needs of our clients.

Our Canadian services include but are not limited to the following, welcome to consult:

Service Scope of Study Abroad

Tourist visa service scope

Immigration service scope (currently only serving in Canada)

Let children win at the starting line of international vision​

In order to let the children win at the starting line and have an international perspective as soon as possible, Canadian summer camps and winter camps are not only interim study, but also an in-depth experience of the multiple dimensions of local learning and life. At the same time, in order to reassure parents, we provide multiple guarantees, including local classic schools, host families, from document handling, team leader, to seamless connection with the local area, including clothing, food, housing, and transportation from the pick-up.