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Maple Leaf is a branch of Mingyang Consulting, dedicated to handling various types of documents to translation, notarization, Apostille/authentication for permanent residence, work visa, restoration of nationality, employment certificate, political review, and commercial factors.

Thanks to our team of translators and lawyers all over the world for their hard work. The countries currently covered include 40 countries including Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and more countries and regions are continuing to update.

Our goal is to be with the needs of our customers. Complete the handling process safely and quickly.

How to obtain a Malaysian Good Conduct and Embassy Service

马来西亚无犯罪记录证明办理机构:马来西亚外交部领事司 Consular Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia 。 办理周期:1-2个月;加急15工作日办理费用:RM20.00;付款方式:现金(亲自去办理的人)或银行汇票;办理手续:申请人填写申请表连同下列文件一起递交给办理机构; 申请文件: 1. 两份申请表格副本,2张护照尺寸的照片电子版和ID号2. 两份身份证副本(仅针对马来西亚公民)3. 两份护照副本:马来西亚公民只需提供前页和后页(front and back pages),非马来西亚公民需提供所有页4. 非马来西亚公民需提供雇主介绍信 introduction letter5. 彩色近照一张(护照照片) 马来西亚无犯罪联系方式: Consular Division,

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Handle translation, notarization, Apostille and authentication of various foreign documents, Hague and consulate certification, including certificate of no criminal record, academic degree transcript, marriage certificate, divorce certificate and company business documents.

The current service covers the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.

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