How to obtain a police certificate on immigration purpose if you live outside of South Korea:
You should apply for a Criminal (Investigation) Records Check Reply (범죄·수사경력회보서) from a Korean National Police station in Korea,Or by our representative.  Please note that the police certificate must indicate that all records have been searched.  For Canada immigration, you should specifically request a search on your entire record, including Criminal Records (including lapsed criminal sentences), and investigation records.   


You/they will need:

  • the original passport or ID of your representatives
  • a copy of your passport
  • 1 passport-size photo
  • a consent form which can be downloaded from the Korean National Police Agency (KNPA)’s website
    • Your signature on the consent form must match your signature in your passport
  • Certificate of your Entry/Exit Record issued by Korean Immigration
    • To obtain the Entry/Exit record, you must submit:
      1. the passport or ID of your representative
      2. a copy of your passport and
      3. a consent form
    • The Korean Immigration consent form can be downloaded from the Hi Korea website

If you use a representative, they must pick up your Criminal (Investigation) Records Check Reply in person.

Document required and processing (Apostille and Legalization by Embassy/Consulate):


1, copy of your passport;

2, application form;

3, original police certificate;

Processing time abt 4-6 working days based on work flow+ intl shipping

; If translation needed, please count two more days on top.

Other documents including school letter, diploma/degree, transcript, and marriage cert may takes lengthy, please contact us via wechat: 铭洋咨询服务