Please note that we cannot use scans of fingerprints as before due to police centre policy changed and we need the origional fingerprints.

Process (if you are outside of SA):

  1. Obtain Fingerprints
  2. Courier the prints to us;
  3. Application form completed and Power of Attorney.
  4. Certified copy of valid passport photo page and visapage (if local ID not available)
  5. Application form


Standard about 20 working days; Rush 9 w/days.

Note: we provide expungement for applicants who have conviction previously in SA. Every clean reocrd cannot be issued with conviction.

South African Police Certificate
Legalization sample


Apostilles or Legalisation (Documentation Attestation as it is more commonly known) is basically the process of authenticating South African documents for use globally.

It most commonly used to authenticate academic, marriage, birth certificate and commercial docuemnts for employment, study or other purposes abroad, when requested by foreign companies and entities to certify that documents are true.

Processing time: 7-10 working days

Required Documents:

  1. Original copy;
  2. Passport photo page;
  3. Signed application form.