How to Apply for Italian Police Clearance Certificate

There are mainly two types of police check for application for purpose of immigration, study abroad or other reasons. Certificato Generale del Casellario Giudlziale and Certificato del Carichi Pendenti. Most often applicants need the first check for the target country. However, you might need both checks if immigrate to Canada. So please confirm with authority of target country first to prevent from hassle.

Processing time: standard 10 working days; expedited 7 working days.

Document required:

  • Completed application form
  • A copy of an official piece of identification
Certificato Generale del CasellarioGiudiziale
Certificato del Carichi Pendenti
Italian Apostille
Sample of Embassy Legalization

Apostille and Legalization for all Italian and overseas applicants

  1. 1, Photo page of passport
  2. 2, Original copy

Standard processing time: 3-10 working days, expedited service may apply.

The apostille can be attached to nearly all Italian documents that need to be used in another country for official matters. We will ensure all documents are suitable for processing and provide solicitor certification if required.

We can Apostille/Legalization the following documents from Italy.