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To obtain KSA certificate of good conduct, just authorize our representative with a notarized power of attorney (sometimes it has to be apostilled). Then you may continue to do your business and we will launch the process without your presence.
As a result, we’ll send to your address by registered mail a properly legalized document that you’ve applied for.

For documents that cannot be obtained, transferred or delivered from KSA to another country without personal presence of the holder:

  • Work Books
  • Pension Cards
  • Military Service Books
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Duplicate Marriage Certificates (if the marriage has been already dissolved)
  • Duplicate Birth Certificates for persons who have already died

Contact our manager if you want to obtain a document from KSA to the country where you are staying now.

Saudi certificate of conduct

Only the originals of your documents! Probably, some copies of other documents can be required (passport copy, for example). 

If donot have original document such as school degree or transcripts, please feel free to contact us for further support.


Timeframe for Apostille/Legalization Services

From 3 to 20 working days – depends on the type of document, plus international shipping.